"A welcoming space for people to rejuvenate themselves and co-imagine the world together." — Julian, member of The Bento Society

The Bento Society hosted hundreds of workshops and events for thousands of people from around the world. Events included:

  • The Weekly Bento on Sundays, an hour-long experience for setting weekly priorities, connecting with your values, and connecting with others
  • Bento Groups, an intimate twelve-week journey with a group of ten other people
  • Bento Founders Club, an intimate circle for founders who are in the Bento Society
  • Retro Bentos, a weekly accountability ritual
  • Roundtable discussions with experts on issues related to our mission
  • Social experiments and other explorations using the Bento

In late 2021, the Bento Society went into hibernation mode. Events are now community initiated and less frequent. To connect with the community, visit the Bento Society Discord.