Bento Day

On Bento Day, we follow a personalized quest to honor each box of the Bento.

We do something for our selves (Now Me), our loved ones (Now Us), our future self (Future Me), and our collective future self (Future Us). These actions can be taken independently or by participating in prompts and shared experiences. For example, on Bento Day someone might:

  • Spend twenty minutes reading or going for a bike ride (Now Me)
  • Write a friend or family member and express gratitude for their companionship (Now Us)
  • Journal from the perspective of our future self (Future Me)
  • Perform an act of community service in our neighborhoods (Future Us)

By making an effort to honor these dimensions of ourselves, we become more aligned with what we most care about. We become more connected to the people around us and the future we're stepping into. Taking these simple steps even for even just one day makes a difference.