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The Library of Economic Possibility

The Bento Society is a community brought together by a belief that life is bigger than Now Me. We use the framework of the Bento to ground our choices in a larger concept of ourselves.

Today the Bento Society is pleased to announce its first-ever Future Us Grant, a $1,500 award given to a project pushing the frontiers of value and self-interest.
The first Future Us Grant recipient is The Library of Economic Possibility, a publication and database that makes alternative economic concepts and evidence of their real-world results easily accessible to the public.

The Library of Economic Possibility launches later this year with deep dives into three concept

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Scientist Jeff Hammerbacher on what gets measured

INTERVIEWEE: Jeff Hammerbacher
BACKGROUND: Scientist, software developer, Cofounder of Cloudera and Related Sciences, founding manager of Facebook’s Data team
TOPIC: What gets measured
LISTEN: On the web, Apple, Spotify

“It makes me uneasy when I think about how much corporations are measuring about human interactions today and not making considered decisions about what gets measured. Deciding what gets measured is a political and ethical choice." — Jeff Hammerbacher

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